Our Story

Our story

Carbon Check (India) Private Limited is a certification body with headquarters in New Delhi, India. We started as a marketing office to Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd in 2012 and have been operating ever since. In eighty-first meeting of the Executive Board of UNFCCC in Lima, Peru the accreditation was transferred from Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd to Carbon Check (India) Private Limited. Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd started as the only accredited Designated Operational Entity (DOE) on the African continent, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Carbon Check was founded in 2009. In April 2011 at EB60 the Executive Board of the CDM granted Carbon Check “Designated Operational Entity” status. Carbon Check is built on a philosophy of corporate responsibility, corporate accountability, technical excellence, and a commitment to consistent, superior services. Our commitment to excellence will enable us to manage a future of continued growth and provision of expert services to our clients. Carbon Check is accredited, certified, or recognized, as applicable, by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Foundation (GS), Social Carbon and the California Air Resource Board (ARB) for providing verification and validation services in each respective regime.